Follow Through.Monkey&Snake L.L.C. is a business built on creative collaborations between Ariel and I for the last 25 years. Our past client list together and independently is well approaching100. We are accomplished artists, visionaries and veterans of the business. We have won numerous fine art and advertising awards while making our clients lots of money.Ariel and I started Monkey&Snake because we know each other better than most married people do. We chose to work together. We didn’t have to. We had very healthy businesses on our own. But our favorite bookings always involved each other. It is uncanny how in sync we are. We trust each other and know that we can count on each other for anything at any time for any reason. That is true friendship. And this is follow through. That is what our business is built on.

When most advertising businesses are being built out of necessity, convenience or mergers, ours is built on trust and a lifelong friendship. It is important for you to know this as a client or potential client. We work together because we want to. I know that Ariel will work as hard as I do. Together we will sweat the details, use our combined resources and talents to take our clients wherever they want to go and I mean wherever they want to go. We work internationally with a special emphasis on North America, Europe and Asia.

We are a distributed advertising agency which means that we surgically choose the right people for the right job without carrying the big agency overhead that is ultimately paid for by you the client. We work in all media from television to print. Our reputation, company ethics and status has allowed us to assemble a pool of the smartest, most creative talent in the industry.

We know what is going on before it happens. Our researchers continuously track trends and markets in advertising, finance, communication, design, fashion and foods. We see and hear what’s coming. Our experience tells us what is fad and what is fact. So while you are busy managing your business, we are busy projecting, aligning and solidifying your company’s elevated position in the marketplace.

Sounds like quite a pitch, huh? Think of it this way. Our clients are the lifeblood of this agency. Without you Ariel and I cannot work together. So we have a bit of a failsafe method for success. We are selective about the work we do and the clients we take on. Over the years we have become fine tuned in identifying a businesses strengths, weaknesses and true needs. We’vepolished some diamonds and applied lipstick on some pigs. We are realistic and truthful (we get a lot of consulting work from this). Sometimes a product just needs to be gently redefined or redirected. And sometimes an entire company needs to be completely re-branded. We know what needs to be done and when. We identify problems, offer solutions and implement actions. If we think that we can greatly benefit your business like no one else can, then we want you as a client. Why? Like a good ball player we enjoy our winning averages.

When you work with us you are treated as a trusted friend. You can call on us at any time. We will be there. And when the job is done we will still be there for you. Follow Through. You can count on us, Dean Tokuno and Ariel Borremans.

PS: Many have asked us about our name(unusual but try to forget it). Well “Ariel And Dean” and “Tokuno And Borremans” just didn’t project the cleverness and resourcefulness of this creative team. So over lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant we came up with Monkey&Snake. Ariel was born in the year of the monkey(resourceful, fun loving, creative and cleaver). I (Dean) was born in the year of the snake(wise, intense, hard working and intelligent).(…hay I’m just quoting from the book).