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A designer’s Journey

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Last night at Shanghai Raffles Design Institute, Borremans shared his design experiences, philosophy and achievements through living and working in various cultures and environments.

Ariel Borremans is reputed for his brilliant design skills and uncanny ability to look beyond the immediate needs of clients and envision where the market is headed for. His elegant sense of style and his vast knowledge of cutting edge design technique have placed him on a short list of respected advertising visionaries.

Borremans worked in some of the largest and most interesting cities in the world. Chicago, Paris, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, and now Shanghai.

Raffles Design Institute Main Building, Dong Hua University, No.1882 West Yan An Road, Shanghai, China, 200051
上海市长宁区延安西路1882号东华大学莱佛士国际设计学院主楼 邮编200051