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Of trials and errors.

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One should always make sure to get a brief from the client before starting a project. Monkey & Snake was asked to rebrand a public relation firm in Canada, but no brief was available.

Their only request was for us to create something they would like. Needless to say, 21 concepts later (not all were presented to the client), ¬†we haven’t been able to reach that goal…

Branding is not an exact science, but it can be very difficult for a client to know what they want. They might just know what they don’t want.

Here are some of the presented concepts.

It’s all about communication and vision, right?

A brand should be like a seal, an Chinese “chop”, simple and efficient.


We even tried a very classical approach, but this one looks like it came from a package of Prince-Edward Island lobster-flavored chips…

So listen kids, never work without a brief!